18 Absolutely Free Blog Title Generators: The Expert Way

18 Absolutely Free Blog Title Generators

Writing a perfect blog post is a crying need these days for all kinds of business. For professional bloggers, it’s a headache to prepare a content that attracts the website visitors more and more. A catchy headline can help a lot to get more and more readers of the blog. For many, writing a perfect headline is a problem. To solve it, many companies has created tools that helps to generate topics in a way that ensures maximum engagement. Here goes a list of 18 Free Blog Title Generators that can come really helpful for any blogger and marketing agencies.



o1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot is considered one of the best inbound marketing and sales platform in the world. Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006, Hubspot has sold (and are still selling) inbound marketing and sales softwares to more than 21000 companies in the world.


Blog Topic Generator is a free blog title generating service that helps to create catchy titles that ensures more & more engagement to the post. Thanks to its very easy using process, simply put three keywords (not mandatory, you can even put only one or two) and hit “Give Me Blog Topics” and it will show you relevant titles you can use for your post.


Let’s take the ecommerce keyword in consideration and see what comes up. The following result is shown:

Ecommerce Keyword in Hubspot Blog Topic Generator


If your expected title doesn’t show up, keep clicking “Give Me Blog Topics” until you find it. Be assured, it is an algorithm based system. So, some suggestions might not fit grammar by 100%. You will have to make the grammar correct by yourself to make it more relevant.



02. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

Portent's Content Idea Generator


Content Idea Generator by Portent is a funny but extremely useful free blog title generator. Its chalkboard background might remind you of your kindergarten school where the title suggestions shows up like written by a kid but the suggestions are extremely attractive (almost makes you use all of them).


Using it is really easy, just put your main keyword (they refer as “subject”) and hit “Enter”, it will show you the related result. Once again, let’s take our ecommerce keyword as the subject here. The result shows up like this:

ecommerce keyword in Portent's Content Idea Generator


Here, one thing is needed to be focused, Portent provides useful or funny reasons behind the selection of the four pieces in their title suggestion. If you don’t find an expected suggestion, keep pressing “enter” and it will keep showing suggestions. It gives an option to Tweet your selected title too.



03. The Blog Post Ideas Generator By Build Your Own Blog

The Blog Post Ideas Generator By Build Your Own Blog


Build Your Own Blog was established by successful Blogger, Content Marketer and Copywriter Matthew Kaboomis Loomis in 2005. The Blog Post Idea Generator in it is a little different type free blog title generator than a regular one.


Here, the ideas doesn’t show up using your keyword rather it continuously shows some title writing ideas where you will try to fit your keyword and make it a great title. Take a look at this one:

The Blog Post Ideas Generator By Build Your Own Blog


The Art of and then a gap. Here is the place you will try to include your main keyword (For example: The Art of War).



04. Title Generator By TweakYourBIZ

Title Generator By TweakYourBIZ


The Title generator by tweakyourBIZ also helps getting title ideas by simply putting the main keyword. This free blog title generator gives you some options to categorize your keyword in a way like:

(a) Is it a Noun or Verb?

(b) How do you want the result to appear- title style or full sentence or both?


This tool shows the results in some specific formats like Lists, Best, How To, Questions, Secrets, Business, Motivation, Problem etc. It also allows to print or download the entire list of the found titles.



05. Linkbait Title Generator By Content Row

Linkbait Title Generator by Content Row


Linkbait Title Generator is another excellent free blog title generating tool. Using it is quite easy, just putting the main keyword in the box and clicking “GET LINKBAIT” (or press “enter”) generates 25 different types of title to work with. Taking our ecommerce keyword again. The following are the results:


ecommerce keyword for Linkbait Title Generator by Content Row


If the first shown 25 titles doesn’t satisfy you, simply click “GET LINKBAIT” again and it will show you title ideas again.


One benefit of it is, all the title suggestions are grammatically corrected. On the other side one limitation of it is, it doesn’t let you to download all the suggestions like in a .pdf format.



06. Blog Title Generator By SEOPressor

Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor


SEOPressor is a world class SEO plugin for WordPress using 43 different types of online marketing tools for their clients.


The Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor is a little different from the others. Here, with the main keyword, you need to describe it in a category previously prepared by them. The category part asks you to describe if it is one of the followings:

  • Generic term
  • Brand/Product
  • An event
  • An industry
  • A location
  • A person’s name
  • A skill

Taking our ecommerce keyword again, the following result comes up as:

ecommerce keyword for Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor


It generally shows 5 titles at a time but you can get as many as you want by simply clicking the recycle button.


One benefit of this tool is you can have all the suggestions for your keyword from it. Simply give them your email address and they will send all of them in your inbox.

All Blog Titles for Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor



07. BlogAbout Blog Title Generator By Impact

BlogAbout Blog Title Generator By Impact


Impact is a global Inbound Marketing Agency founded by Bob Ruffolo in 2009. It is a great team with 30+ inbound marketing professionals. They became a partner agency of Hubspot in 2011.


The Blog Title Generator by Impact is another little peculiar but heavily productive title generator. First you need to select the type of blog you are going to write about. Then, by clicking “Next”, the generator will start showing different types of formats where you will try to use your main topic by filling the gaps. Take a look at these two samples:

BlogAbout Blog Title Generator By Impact 1st Example


Let’s just say, “10 Ways To Cut Cost and Boost Traffic” simply comes handy for you. Well, Congratulations then!!!

BlogAbout Blog Title Generator By Impact 3rd 2nd Example


Again “5 Essential Ingredients Every Cook Needs” shows another example to be used if preferred.


The “Love” icon their helps you save the ideas. Impact allows you to get as many ideas as you want. Save your preferred ideas and give them your email. They will send them to you.



08. Kickass Headline Generator By Sumo

Kickass Headline Generator By Sumo


Sumo helps websites to grow more. The Kickass Headline Generator by them is yet another tricky and useful tool to generate catchy headlines. The tool primarily divides your ideas in different segments as:

  • Numbered Lists
  • How To
  • Explanatory/Why
  • Strong/Controversial
  • Fun/Playful

It is expected that any of these formats will fit your headline idea. There is also a DIY Headline Formulas (DIY=Do It Yourself) option to customize by yourself.



09. Answer The Public

Answer The Public


Answer the public, jointly built by Coverage Book and Answer The Client, is one of the most peculiar websites I have ever seen in my life surfing the internet. In a matter of seconds, this free online tool provides queries “The Public” all over world wants “Answered” searching on the internet.


With visualization tool, it takes a more attractive look. The visualization tool helps to see a lot of questions (keywords) in a glance with search volume, CPC and competition data collected from Google and Bing. It also allows you collect data from 13 countries (US, UK etc.) individually.


For example, if I consider ecommerce to be my query in US and type it in the search box to “Get Questions”, the visualization tool shows these 134 questions in this way:

ecommerce keyword by Answer The Public


But the same questions can be found in list style too if needed:

list style Answer The Public


The keywords are found based on prepositions too. Like the same search shows me this (which can be collected as a data list too):

Spider Style Answer The Public


More surprisingly, it enables alphabetical keyword suggestions too:

Alphabetical Style Answer The Public

The exciting fact is, you can even export the whole data in .csv format for further using.


But some of the shown data might not have the proper value you are looking for. So, careful while selecting the keywords for your site.



10. Awesome Titles By Title Generator

Awesome Titles


Awesome Titles by Title Generator is a classy tool for generating titles easily no matter the purpose is for blog post, email or Ads. It creates 700 titles within a second in just one click. It’s too easy to use. Just enter your main keyword(s) in the box and click “Get Headlines!” and it will generate 700 titles within the twinkle of an eye.


Let’s take our ecommerce keyword once again in consideration. The following result comes as:

ecommerce keyword for Awesome Titles


It shows a grand total of 700 different types of titles to choose from.


Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t let you download the titles. You will have to write down the primarily chosen ones somewhere else.



11. Article Title Generator By Backlink Generator 

Article Title Generator By Backlink Generator


Backlink Generator is actually backlink selling service. They offer some Webmaster Tools to try. The tool generates 200+ title ideas at a time.


Taking the ecommerce keyword again, the results are shown as:

ecommerce keyword for Backlink Generator


Like many others, this tool has lacked the download feature. You have to write your preferred ones separately.



12. Blog Topic Generator By KissPR


KissPR is a Dallas based digital marketing agency helping its clients in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing, Link Building, Conversation Rate Optimization, Web Analytics an Website Design and Redesign. The Blog Topic Generator by them can easily come handy for you.


It’s super easy to use, just write your main keyword in the box and click “Generate”, the results show up.


Let’s give our ecommerce a shot again and the result comes out as:

ecommerce keyword for KissPR


This Blog Topic Generator shows 7 titles at a time. If you don’t find the perfect headline for you simply keep clicking the “Generate” button.



13. Blog Topic Content Title Generator By LukasZ ZeleznY

Blog Topic Content Title Generator By LukasZ ZeleznY


Lukasz Zelezny is a digital consultant, social media and SEO expert currently working at uSwitch.  He has worked with HomeAway, Thomson Reuters, Prime Location, Fleetway Travel and many others.


The Blog Topic Content Idea Generator is one of the SEO tools he offers free to anyone. The ecommerce keyword got this 15 Ideas in the first search:

ecommerce keyword for Lukasz Zelezny


But remember, the ideas cannot be downloaded in any format. Keep clicking the “Get Ideas” button until you find your suitable headline.



14. Blog Title Generator By Prozely

Blog Title Generator By Prozely

Prozely is an Australian content marketplace. No matter what the niche is, it helps its clients to have their necessary contents written by expert copywriters.


The Blog Title Generator is a pretty straight forward in use. Entering the topic and clicking “Go” shows 5 related results and options to get them written by expert writers if any title fits client’s needs.


The ecommerce keyword for example shows these results:

ecommerce keyword for Prozely


If the shown titles doesn’t fit, the “More Titles” option is always open. Know that you cannot download all the titles in any format.



15. Blog Post Idea Generator By WebpageFX

Blog Post Idea Generator By WebpageFX


WebpageFX is an internet marketing, web design and web development agency headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania offering integrated web solutions for different companies around the world.


The Blog Post Idea Generator by WebpageFX generates only one idea at a time. For our ecommerce keyword, it shows:

ecommerce keyword for WebPageFX


Funny but creative thing is it allows you to directly “Tweet” an idea if you liked it. You can always go for the “Next Idea” until satisfaction. But it doesn’t provide a list to download all the liked ones.



16. Blog Title Idea Generator By Inbound Now

Blog Title Idea Generator by Inbound Now


Inbound Now is an inbound marketing plugin company for WordPress founded by David Wells. The blog title idea generating tool is a little similar to the one by Build Your Own Blog. You just need to click the “Generate Idea” button for title frame and keep doing it until you find the perfect one for yourself.



17. Topical Brainstorm By OnlineSales

Topical Brainstorm By OnlineSales


Topical Brainstorm by Online Sales generates 150+ suggestions for their subscribers. They sort the titles in several categories as: List, The Five Ws (Who, What, When, Where and Why), How and other questions type, errors, secrets etc.


But it has that not downloadable curse.


18. Quandary Content Idea Generator

Quandary Content Idea Generator


Quandary Content Idea Generator is a little different from all the other tools. It requires you to create an access account first and then answer 18 questions about your product (like what do you sell, where do you have clients etc.) to generate the ideas.


This tool might be a good one to many but its system which has made creating an account and answering all the questions mandatory before suggestions has lacked the appeal in a greater way while other tools require nothing like these.



In conclusion, I hope these tools will help any blogger or writer to achieve more engagement to their website.


If you have any question or suggestion about the post, feel free to put it in the comment section.


Good luck using the one that fits for your business.